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How to Keep Your Garage Warm in Winter

How to Keep Your Garage Warm in Winter

Garage Conversion with glass sliding door

With more Aussies working and exercising from home (especially since Covid-19), and kids leaving the nest later, many of us are taking advantage of our garage and making it a usable, livable area of their home. And in winter, this means incorporating a couple of tricks to keep it warm.

Having a livable garage space means keeping the temperature and airflow adequate throughout the year. In summer, we often focus on increasing airflow and remove excess heat; however, in winter, thoughts turn to installation and sealing – which have flow-on beneficial effects in summer. Here are a few things you can do to maintain a more comfortable room temperature.


Yes, you can insulate your garage door. If you have heating in your garage, but a poorly insulated door, but the heat will disappear in no time, resulting in increased utility bills and a chilly garage space.

The interior walls of your garage door can also be insulated with the same fibreglass batt that is used in your roof, and so you may want to insulate your garage roof as well. Most garages have open rafters overhead, which allow heat to quickly escape, so insulation may be well worth the effort.

Check the weather-strips

Ensure your weather-strips are in good condition. The weather-strip or seal at the bottom of your garage can often wear down and corrode over time, leaving a gap for warm air to escape and allow the elements to penetrate your garage. Installing a weather-strip is a straightforward process and can be done yourself, if you are only replacing the rubber component. On some doors, you can have a 360-degree seal that can make a huge difference, covering the gaps in the fitting of the garage door.

Check the windows

If you have windows on your garage door, check if they are double or single pane. Single pane windows are made with only one layer of glass and are less efficient at keeping the cold out. It’s also worth examining the material of your door. Wooden doors have a poor ratio for energy efficiency as opposed to steel or aluminium, who fair very well in this department.

Use a heater

There are lots of heaters suitable for heating small spaces available on the market. We always recommend you investigate heaters that have timer options or safety cut-offs, as garages are typically small spaces. Hence, it’s worth ensuring that measures are in place to prevent the risk of fire and also to maintain good air quality while you’re in your garage.

Explore air-conditioning

You can also have a small, affordable split-system air conditioning unit installed in your garage. An air-conditioner will not only keep you nice and warm in winter, but you’ll especially love it in the summer months when it keeps you cool.

Floor rugs for added warmth

Look at your garage floor

A cold, exposed concrete floor will make for a frigid space; some simple buffer tiles or even a large rug or two can help keep your garage warm and useable. Rubber mats – used in studios, gyms, creches, are relatively inexpensive and can also ensure that the floor of your garage remains clean from stains and marks.

Install insulated curtains

If you have windows in any of your garage walls, you can put up some insulated curtains. Insulated curtains can do wonders around the year, keeping your garage cooler in summer and warm in winter.

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