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Security Roller Shutters for Your Caravan & Motorhome

Security Roller Shutters for Your Caravan & Motorhome


A little added security will have you sleeping better at night…

Now, more than ever, West Aussies are taking to our beautiful WA roads to spend our holiday time camping, caravanning and travelling within the state. And with no overseas travel allowed, people are having fun putting their budgets into pimping their rides – while improving the comfort and security of their mobile holiday homes.

Roller shutters have always been popular in WA homes, as they offer excellent lock-and-leave security, insulation and improved energy efficiency –  but not everyone knows they’re available for caravans and motorhomes. And the same – if not more benefits apply. Take a look.

#1 Security

An additional barrier between you and the great outdoors – and any strange passers-by  – is always a great security feature to have. You’ll sleep a lot easier with the assurance of knowing that no living creature can find their way – even if they tried.

#2 Energy efficiency

Just as roller shutters provide energy efficiency in your home, they can also help keep the heat out of your caravan over summer, and maintain warmth during colder months. And this temperature modulation will help to cut down on your valuable fuel consumption, too.

#3 Sunlight Control

Love camping but hate waking at the crack of dawn? With a security shutter, you don’t need to.  Sleep in for as long as you like as no light will penetrate through shutters. This feature is also handy for those trying to get small children to sleep before the sun has set.

#4 Environmentally friendly

Your remote control security shutter can be set to run off solar panels, making you  more the self-sufficient traveller. There is no need for generators, plugs or cables – your roller shutter will run effortlessly from the West Australian sunshine.

#6 Aesthetically pleasing

Shutters make windows and doors look neat, clean and aesthetically pleasing. They help protect the windows and doors from loads of wear and tear and create great appeal for your caravan or motorhome.

Interested in security shutters for your motor home or campervan? Contact Guardian Doors today! T: 9408 1602