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Top 5 Tips on What to Store in Your Garage (Plus What NOT To Store)

Garage door storage

Top 5 Tips on What to Store in Your Garage (Plus What NOT To Store)

While most Aussie home garages are used to store and keep our vehicles away from the harsh summer months and winter storms, many homeowners also like to use them for additional storage.

Garage storage is a great idea, and many of us are using  this coronavirus lockdown as the ideal time to perform heroic household clean-ups. However, there are a few dos and don’ts involved if you want to avoid nasty accidents – or tears!

DO store these in your garage:

#1 –Vehicle, bike & sporting  accessories

Camping gear, roof racks, kayaks and bikes should be stored either on a purpose-built wall or ceiling rack. Don’t cut corners here, as any items placed above or on the wall would cause damage if they fell off or worked their way loose.

#2 – Car cleaning supplies/maintenance supplies

Most garages have ‘that cupboard’, the one can’t stay in the house but can’t go on the verge so has conveniently found its way into your garage. While it’s living in limbo, it can be an ideal storage place for bottles of cleaner, oil, fluids and rags.

#3 – Gardening supplies

Tools and equipment should be stored low to the ground; this helps ensure you’re taking care of yourself (as lifting can be dangerous ) and should have an allocated area in your garage. If you’re running out of space, you may want to purchase a shed or perhaps Marie Kondo your possessions. Smaller items such as spare pots, seedlings and gardening tools are ideal for storing in cabinets. Car cleaning supplies should also be kept in cabinets to keep them away from little hands and fluffy noses.

#4 – Outdoor equipment, toys, scooters and similar

For swimming pool owners, we recommend a small pool container located nearby for any handy accessories. Other equipment can be creatively stored on hooks on your garage wall.  Hang fold-away chairs, picnic items, skateboards and scooters on a simply designed hook system – that when done correctly – can turn your garage wall into a storage haven.

#5 – General storage

Can’t bear to throw away the kids’ kindy arts? Old Xmas decorations? Sentimental keepsakes? You softy! If you must keep them, be sensible: box and label them, then store nicely in a cabinet until you see them in another ten years and throw them in the bin.

“If you wouldn’t leave it in your car boot, then don’t leave it in your garage.”

DON’T store these in your garage:

Garages everywhere suffer from extreme heat and cold conditions, making them unsuitable for storing any flammable liquids (or cleaning products).  A basic rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t leave it in your car boot, then don’t leave it in your garage. Be careful storing the back-up gas tank for your BBQ in there. If you can’t avoid storing flammable items in your garage, make sure you have the correct container for them.

Delicate Items

As your garage can be an extreme version of the season you’re in, consider how sensitive the item is. Meaning: find somewhere in the house to store that silk gown from nannas christening. Think of the delicacy of the item and the appropriate care instructions.

Anything that may attract unwanted visitors

Most of us love animals; however, some are more welcome than others. Don’t leave items in your garage that a rodent would feast on. The same applies to termites. We spend too much time and money on pest control, so don’t go leaving items in the garaged that scream “eat me” to unwanted visitors.

When done well, garage storage is about optimising your home to its full potential. Done not-so-well, and it’s a safety hazard.

Our engineers and technicians at Guardian Doors attends hundreds of Perth homes for garage door repairs and servicing. On many occasions, we’ve had to re-arrange an appointment as clutter has prevented us from accessing the door. Remember, your garage is like any other room in your house. And while you may not live in it, it should be kept in as orderly condition as possible to ensure that you and your family’s safety comes first.