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Introducing the New Steel-Line LUX Door Range

UniCote LUX Garage Doors

Designed with Australian high-end architecture in mind (released in 2020)

Steel-Line ‘UniCote® LUX Garage Doors

Australian garage door makers and inventors for 40 years, Steel-Line has developed a new garage door range: ‘UniCote® LUX Garage Doors’, recently released in April, 2020. With high-end design in mind, UniCote garage doors are made from pre-painted steel, combining coil coating technology with impressive and rigorous testing for the Australian climate and lifestyle.

Possibly the most useful feature for Australians would be UniCote’s increased versatility for weather wear and tear; it’s protected against peeling and chipping, which are all common issues with Australian garage doors due to our harsh climate and proximity to the sea. Most Australians are living close to the coast –85% of all Australians live within 50 km from the coast.

Our coastal living comes with few drawbacks, mainly salt content in the air – and sand. With the new UniCote range, the salt damage and those tiny sand scratches are drastically reduced. The result? Your door looks its best for longer, with high retention of gloss and colour. And, with Unicote’s gorgeous range of colours and designs, it leads the way in high-end style and appeal.

What’s different with Unicote?

Colour Range

High gloss, pearlized and specialist timber look-a-like colour ranges that aren’t available with any other range of Steel-Line garage doors.

Manufacture Process

Hot-dipped aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel substrate; the outer layer is a polyester topcoat that is baked on with an infrared reflective pigment. This process results in a gorgeous door with extreme durability.

Resistance to scrapes,scratches & impacts

Improved resistance when tested for scrapes and scratches. Improved impact paint damage. While we can make sure you don’t reverse into your garage, we can promise that the garage door paint won’t come off your car.

    • SALT RESISTANCE Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013.
    • HUMIDITY RESISTANCE Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013.
    • UV RESISTANCE Meets the requirements of AS/NZS2728:2013.
    • VISUAL APPEARANCE Made from a luxury material to suit high-end architecture

*Specific details relating to the garage door standards of rating regarding the UniCote garage door range taken from https://www.steel-line.com.au/

Profile options - Unicote Garage Doors

How much does it cost?

Currently, the costs associated with the UniCote range are around 30% more than a standard garage door. Given that the range is manufactured to high-end specifications with luxurious colour range and designs, these doors aren’t just built to last, but to look exceptionally good while they do.

The usual wear and tear of a garage door that can take your home from sleek to shabby have been avoided with innovative and detailed attention-to-detail from start to finish with the UniCote Luxe range of garage doors. If you’re investing in a new door, you are investing in an ROI of around 80% for your home; the investment in a higher quality garage door secures your investment for longer. While your investment is working for you, sit back and enjoy a sleek and flawless garage door for years to come.

Colour options

Steel-Line Unicote LUX Colour Range

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