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Introducing Steel-Line Perisher White

Steel-Line Perisher White garage door

Introducing Steel-Line Perisher White

The brightest, whitest white ever…

2019 has seen a peak in demand for clean lines, crisp features and sharp colours. As Australia’s leading sectional door manufacturer, Steel-Line has launched a brand-new colour to add to their already huge range of colour options.

Perisher White is a vivid, bright, reach-for-the-sunglasses white that contains no other pigment except for white and described as the company’s “whitest white ever”. With many bright whites, there can be a slightly disappointing blue undertone which can look a touch harsh – cheapening the result rather than adding to it. However, with Perisher White, there is no cold blue undertone, with the result “creating the softest most sympathetic colour”.

And the results are fantastic: fresh, clean and bright, it’s a finish that can make it a wonderful focal point or beautiful accents and is perfect for the Australian lifestyle.

Previously, if you’re after a white, Steel-Line offered more subdued tones such as the popular Color bond® Surfmist ® and Dulux® Pearl White®.

Steel-Line Perisher White w Neutrals

The colour of your home, your bricks, and your landscape – all play a part in creating a fantastic curb appeal, but it is also an expression of yourself, your family and your style.

Perisher White will be a welcome addition to the already vast range of colours and can be accented with neutral tones and terracottas, or used to create a vivid and bold appearance. It works exceedingly well with Hampton style white on whites. This new shade is available for woodgrain or smooth garage doors and all roller doors.

Steel-Line Perisher White w Tilt Door

Architects consider many aspects when designing building such as elements of construction, colours and materials. Then they integrate these to produce a beautiful masterpiece as a result.  More architects are being asked to provide simplistic designs and materials with crisp and bright spaces. With Steel-Lines newbie now on board and available for all standard garage doors – this is achievable for everyone.

Steel-Line Perisher White with timber

As the trend for minimisation has grown over the last decade, Steel-line’s new colour range, Perisher White, has become available at a perfect time. Lives are busier and more stressful than ever and we find ourselves longing for some quiet time, quiet space and relaxing vibes – away from the business of our day to day grind. Perisher White provides more than an additional colour option to the average homeowner; it provides an opportunity to create tranquillity and calm in a space reserved just for us – our homes.

For more information, samples or to discuss the design of your garage door, call our office and one of our expert staff will be able to help you.