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The World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Garages

Most Expensive garages - red sports cars

The World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Garages

Housing some of the most expensive cars…

While most of us dream of a custom sectional garage door, or a sexy underground garage with a slick automated lift, others with a little more cash take things to the next level. Here are some of the world’s most expensive garages as listed on alux.com. You’re welcome.

#10 Jerry Seinfeld US$500,000.00 

Jerry Seinfeld is the owner of this 3-storey underground car compound that houses over 46 of his personal Porsche collection. Who knew there were so many models of Porsche? (Other than Jerry)

Mr Seinfeld lives a few blocks away from this mega-car hotel garage that not only houses his many vehicles but also has a club room, bar, bathroom, kitchenette and office, and can only be accessed via a secure elevator. Because Jerry Seinfeld. The garage is temperature-controlled and he can access a video link at any time to view his car palace.

Private luxury drive in garage

#9 ‘The Garage Next to Harrods’’ $850,000

Of course, you wouldn’t expect to have Harrods as a neighbour without a price tag. However, this would be the most expensive garage by the square metre at only 6.4 meters wide and 4.75 meters deep. And it hasn’t even had a recent paint job. Nothing fancy-schmancy about this space, but it’s next to Harrods, people. And think how convenient parking would be when you feel like a touch of shopping.

Old Garage and Garage Door

#8 Francis Wisniewski’s Garage – $1 million

Groupon co-founder and Seriously Loaded Person Francis Wisniewski has an equally serious car collecting addiction. Born in Las Vegas, he currently resides in Chicago where his 15,000 square foot garage lives. It features a basketball court and red pillars, and to pay homage to his homeys, a ‘welcome to Las Vegas’ neon sign. Nice. Incidentally, we haven’t even started talking about the cars, which are dreamy stuff.  Check them out:

Las Vegas car collection

#7 Craig Jackson’s Garage – $2 million

In Arizona, USA,  Craig Jackson’s garage was built to replicate his circle-shaped house – apparently costing around $2 M – and you don’t have to look far to see where the money’s gone.

The circular shape was designed to mimic a tyre shape and takes up over 3600 square feet. And as you’d imagine, everything from lighting to heating is computer-controlled.

#6 Tom Gonzales’ Garage – $6 million

Located on his Nevada estate, Tom is rumoured to have spent approximately $50 M developing his new home, with $6 M devoted to his garage. At 6000 square feet, it equates to approximately $1M per 1000th square foot of space.

While most of the vehicles and bikes are showcased in what can be described as a mansion for cars, his most treasured vehicles are located underground, and accessed by a 60 by 12 feet elevator. Guessing there will be no uncomfortable space invasion in this elevator.

# 5 – Hamilton Scott’s En-suite Sky Garage Apartment – $7.5 million

Skye garages are the New Thing for the super-rich. You can see the appeal; they effortlessly transport your vehicles to the desired levels –inside your apartment – at the touch of a button.

Currently, three companies offer this service, in Miami, Singapore and New York.

Skye garages will cost you a fortune. A two-space garage in the Singapore building will set you back $7.5 million. But that won’t give your view. If you’re super loaded, you can opt for the penthouse suite, which offers four car parking spaces for a mere $24 M.

#4 – Jay Leno’s Garage – No confirmed price

If you’ve ever seen a motor show, you’ll know that Jay Leno is another serious car (and bike) addict; his total number to date is around 886 vehicles. Where would you keep so many cars and motor bikes? In a 17,000 square foot garage, with of course a fabrication workshop (for any odds and ends you wanted to do to the vehicles) and a kitchen, because walking around this huge garage would work up an appetite. Credit to Mr Leno, you can purchase a ticket to view his garage for $100, with all proceeds going to the Juvenile Arthritis Alliance, not for him. Thank God for that.

# 3 – John Travolta’s Garage – No Pricing Available

Not content to have cars and bikes, John Travolta also has a plane. And it’s not a small joyride-round-the-countryside type of plane; it’s a Boeing 707. This private plane sits cosily with 15 other vehicles and like one big happy family, they all share the same 1.4 miles long driveway. (You need a bit of a runway if you have a Boeing 747.)

John Travoltas home

# 2- Ralph Lauren’s Garage

Infamous America fashion designer Ralph Lauren is best known for the multi-billion dollar enterprise ‘Ralph Lauren Corporation’, and his collection of rare cars. Mr Lauren boasts ownership to one of only two cars that exist in the world, the 1938 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic – costing a cool $40 million.

Ralph Laurens garage is designed as a car museum; each vehicle is housed under bright lights, with immaculate walls and white ceiling finishes – no doubt to emphasise the clarity of colour.

#1 – Emirates National Auto Museum

Coming in at number one position is the Emirates National Auto Museum. Owned by Hamad Bin Hamdan Al-Nahyan most of the cars are still functional; they just don’t do a lot these days. This museum is open to the public and is so large it often referred to as a small city, complete with street lights and pavement. It houses everything from Rolls Royce to WWII tanks and the worlds biggest Dodge Jeep.

No matter what garage you have, or how many luxury cars you house, one thing’s clear: garages everywhere play an important role – keeping our belongings safe. Now, we wonder if Ralph needs a reliable company to service his garage door…