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Your Commercial Premises & Door: the Importance of Security

Your Commercial Premises & Door: the Importance of Security

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Don’t let your commercial doors let you down…

You work hard on your business –  with long hours, late nights, personal sacrifices. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Especially something ultimately controllable like the physical security of your commercial building.

Many business owners will instantly think about alarms, fences, CCTV and anti-theft measures;  however, however, one of the biggest risks to your business name, income and integrity lies in a part of your building that you use daily – your industrial or commercial roller doors and shutters.

How do my commercial roller doors & shutters pose a risk to my business?

commercial-install roller door1996 OHS regulations state that spring-tensioned doors: roller doors and roller shutters (also classified as operational plant) should be serviced at no less than six-monthly intervals, yet many business owners, tenants and landlords are unaware of their obligation.

Servicing costs for commercial roller doors and commercial roller shutters are relatively inexpensive; however, the same could not be said for lawsuits, workers compensation or public liability claims hitting your business.

Commercial roller doors and shutters are used by many of your crew at work: staff, contractors, customers – so it’s essential to have your doors serviced to ensure its working safely.  Inside the barrel of a roller shutter or door are huge industrial-grade springs. Without a service, these can snap and cause serious injury and damage. You wouldn’t let your employees drive around in a vehicle without ensuring it was roadworthy, so why them let operate your business unit’s roller doors or shutters without regular servicing?

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Unsafe industrial doors & financial loss

Let’s think about the financial value of your commercial roller doors and shutters not working. Are dysfunctional or inoperable door can prevent you from operating business, wasting your advertising and hard-earned reputation, and preventing your staff from working. A damaged or underserviced roller door or shutter is also a serious security and safety risk.

At Guardian Doors, we have a saying: “Service today to save money tomorrow!” By adhering to your OH&S requirements and servicing your doors regularly, you can prevent up to 70% of all the commercial roller door and shutter repairs occurring.

What can I do to safeguard my commercial doors & shutters?

Guardian Doors specialise in commercial roller door and roller shutter asset registers.  We’ll inspect your doors and shutters, certify that each one has been completed, and report our findings  – along with any recommendations  – directly to you.

Rest assured with Guardian Doors caring for your roller shutter doors; you’ll be aware of the condition of your shutters and roller doors and your obligations. We take the hard work out of meeting your OHS obligations, providing you copies of each service report, and keeping a backup copy for up to seven years, should you need it.

Guardian Doors also pre-schedule our servicing, so your roller shutters and doors are never left and cared for. We ‘ll also work around your business to prevent any down time or interference.

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How can I make my industrial unit more secure?

Automatic gates: Gates of any sort can be a great deterrent, providing another physical barrier between the unwanted intruder and your business and staff. Manual or automatic swing or sliding gates can be relatively inexpensive and can be designed to provide more security. Often extremely attractive, automatic gates also an excellent way of increasing your business’ street appeal.

It’s always worth checking how much your insurance quote reduces with the installation of an automatic or manual gate – it should have a positive effect on your premium.

residential-roller shutterWindow shutters: Commercial shutters that conceal your windows or shop fronts can be invaluable to the security of your business premises. Not only do they keep prying eyes out but they also keep your business assets safe while maintaining your business’ privacy. Just as with residential window shutters, your utility bills will reduce. These can be made in a range of style to suit any business premise or shop front and again, will have a positive effect on reducing your insurance premium.

Additional recommendations

Smoke alarms and safes: This seems pretty self-explanatory, but you should have, at the very least, an evacuation plan on show, along with the relevant fire extinguishers on site. Your extinguishers should also be serviced and checked regularly to avoid failing when you need them the most.

CCTV: CCTV for commercial premises are extremely common and considered a necessity today. CCTV ensures your business is monitored when closed, and also ensures that your staff are safe while at work. CCTV is also an active physical deterrent and may prevent unwanted intruders.

Motion sensor lights: Motion sensor lights have been repeatedly proven to be one of the most cost-effective means of increasing your security, be it at home or business. They can be installed and set up quickly and provide immediate peace of mind.


If you’d like to discuss increasing the security of your commercial premises with Guardian Doors, please contact us  or call (08) 9408 1602