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Thinking about Garage Door Windows or Inserts?

Thinking about Garage Door Windows or Inserts?

Steel Line Aluminium panel garage door

There are some fantastic new garage door products & decorative window designs available, guaranteed to give your garage door a lift and add loads of curb appeal to your home!

Given the keen focus we all have on Australian real estate prices right now, the aesthetic appeal of your home, particularly its curb appeal, is paramount. And with garage doors taking up to 30-40% of the front view of your home, smartening up your garage door with decorative window inserts, perforated aluminium or even glass panels makes perfect sense.

A new or improved garage door is a great way to improve street appeal, but it’s essential you keep it coordinated with the rest of your home. Depending on the type of garage door you have, there’s an abundant array of design options for ventilated panels, customised panels or adding windows to garage doors to give your home a fresh, attractive, yet coordinated appearance.


Garage Door Windows

Garage door windows

If you’re interested in adding windows to your garage door, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Window tinting – A great way to keep the valuables in your garage safe from prying eyes, garage door window tinting works especially well if you already have tinted windows throughout your home, giving it a coordinated appearance.

Size of door – While garage door window inserts can add extra pizzazz to your door, the Perspex inserts are not as strong as a steel door panel. Therefore, there will be some compromise in strength. While this is considered during manufacturing, the difference is still a valid consideration.

Door window designs – Do the available window designs or glass inserts suit the style of your home? Make sure the designs available for your type of door are in keeping with the style of your home if you want to maximise your curb appeal.

Extra light – Everyone loves natural light in a room and well-lit garages are no exception. While garage door windows will increase the amount of light in your garage, if your door is facing the shade there may not be much of a noticeable difference. If so, you may want to consider an upgraded motor. Many of our motors have a feature to use the light on your opener which can be controlled separately.


Garage door inserts & panels

If windows aren’t right for your door, you may want to think about some of the newer panel or louvred doors available:

  • Aluminium perforated composite panels: These are perfect for modern, uber-stylish homes. Aluminium composite panels are very secure, as the grade of steel has been increased to compensate for the perforation. They are also installed with Wurth fixings and heavy duty hardware. Composite panels are extremely striking and can be customised to suit any style.


  • Louvred doors: These traditional and stylish doors have flair and elegance, and are perfect for those wanting a more conventional or colonial-style home. They’re fully customisable, allowing them to suit almost any of the features of your home.


  • Perspex panel garage doors: Perspex panels are a great way to incorporate natural light into your garage while maintaining a modern, sleek appearance. The panels come in several formats: tinted, orb designed, white composite or black. Each of these ensure you have varying levels of light entering your garage. The aluminium frame can be powder coated to almost any colour.


If you’re interested in making over your garage door, give us a call and organise a consultation at our Wangara showroom. Using our Vision app, we can show you how each door or design will look on your home. There’s no guesswork , no finger crossing — just an exquisitely attractive, customised garage door!

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