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How to Select a Garage Door Service Provider

How to Select a Garage Door Service Provider

Garage Door Service & Repairs in Perth

Thinking about a new garage door? Or perhaps you need a roller door service or repair? Whatever your concern, you’ll need to talk to a professional garage door service provider.

Garage doors are a part of our homes often neglected. Most of us simply press our remote and hope it works. It’s only when it doesn’t work that we realise how much it affects our life.

The inconvenience of a broken garage door is bad enough, yet it’s downright dangerous if it becomes hazardous or leaves your house open to burglary or vandalism. This is why it’s so important to select a garage door service provider who is trustworthy, reliable and always professional.

Garage Door Maintenance and repairsChoosing your garage door service provider

When you’re searching for a garage door provider, we recommend you compare customer reviews and testimonials. Also, call around and speak to a few different companies.

If you want to find an excellent garage door provider, make sure they:

  • ensure customer satisfaction
  • understand that your job is a top priority
  • explain all the details or your garage or roller door repair/service
  • listen to your questions and be experienced enough to answer them
  • ensure you fully understand your garage door and what it needs
  • give you complete confidence and satisfaction in the garage door service you receive

Ticking all the boxes

After receiving hundreds of reviews over the years, Guardian Doors know exactly what our customers want in a garage door service professional. That’s why at Guardian Doors, we offer the following:

Easy contact: Ease of contacting a service provider is high up on a Perth homeowner’s priorities. Being able to speak to an experienced, professional garage door service provider is imperative.
Experienced staff: A great roller or garage door service provider will happily discuss your repair and give you decent professional advice before they attend to your garage or roller door. At Guardian Doors, we offer free advice, available 24/7, every day of the year. As industry experts, we think the more you understand your garage door service or repair, the safer and more secure your home and family are. Your provider should know how to repair all makes and models of garage doors – and their online reviews should verify this.


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Aftercare: Check out the comments on aftercare: how many reviewers are repeat customers? This will help you get a clear picture of what may happen if you need to call the garage door service provider back. Remember, if you’ve just paid for an unexpected garage door repair, you don’t want to have to pay for it twice if the service isn’t included in the aftercare package.

Compliance: While this may appear just to be red tape, you need to ensure the company has a valid ABN. If they charge GST, they need to be registered for GST, and if they offer warranties (which every quality garage door service provider should do), they are verified by the manufacturer. A cheap repair to your garage door can not only be dangerous, but can be twice as expensive if the work isn’t completed properly the first time. Your garage door provider should be fully compliant with their OHS management system. This shows that they care about their standards, and care about their customers and staff. (OHS is there for the prevention and protection of everyone in the company.)

B&D Garage Door Perth

Adequate insurance: While many companies state ‘fully Insured’ on their work, have you ever looked into this? Certain industries are regulated to be insured under certain categories only. Don’t wait for a costly incident in your home to discover the garage door service provider doesn’t have the correct cover. A good garage door service provider should advise you of their public liability insurance details, relevant workers compensation cover and vehicle insurance. If you have a garage door service provider who damages your door, car, or property you could be left with a huge bill.

Workmanship: Good garage door technicians never compromise on quality. A good service provider will have solid warranties and stand by the work that they do. Don’t be fooled by word-of-mouth warranties; look into the aftercare of the clients. Are you aware of any requirements to honour your full warranty terms? Do the service providers offer valuable advice to ensure you’re fully aware of your obligations for your part of the warranty? There’s no point even having a warranty if you aren’t advised on your requirements. Often, customers find out only too late that they haven’t honoured their warranty terms and conditions. At Guardian Doors, we advise you of any requirements you may have, and will also remind you.

Panelift Garage Door

About Guardian Doors, Perth

Guardian Doors is one of Perth’s most trusted and respected garage door service providers. And, at the core of our service is our focus on customer satisfaction. We’re constantly asking our customers for feedback and have a large and loyal customer base.

Community involvement

Guardian Doors has strong local community connections. We’ve built long-lasting business relationships with other businesses, manufacturers and suppliers in Perth – priding ourselves on re-investing back into the local community at every opportunity.

Community matters to us, and we regularly donate to local charities. By creating healthy and mutually beneficial business-to-business relationships, sourcing products locally and ensuring our customers benefits from our Guardian Doors’ loyalty program, we’re able to support local charities that work within the same areas as our Perth customers and staff.

At Guardian Doors, it’s not our service cars, vans or (fab!) logo that will catch you eye – it’s watching our technicians work, seeing the pride they take in their job, and discovering the knowledge that every team member has.

#FUN FACT: Before any Guardian Doors member answers a phone, we must be able to service a door. And that’s just to answer a phone!

All Guardian Doors staff must:

  • Have complete  police clearance
  • Complete extensive training to ensure that our customer service standards remain high
  • Have full access to a range of training opportunities as part of our ongoing improvement
  •  Assess all new products – when new products are presented, Guardian Doors staff-test every one of them. Only after having a ‘feedback session’ and attaining our high standards is a new product introduced.

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