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Top 5 Garage Door Styles Around the World

Top 5 Garage Door Styles Around the World

Garage Doors from around the world

We’ll bet good money that most you haven’t set foot overseas for some time. So to help fill the void, we’re going to show you what’s happening round the world of garage doors – through pictures! And words! Let’s take a look.

#1 Zimbabwe

Garage Door from ZimbabweA common style of garage door installed In Zimbabwe is the ‘roll up’ (roller door for Aussies). As there’s a far stronger focus on security, you’ll find plenty of durable fixings and fittings, and a focus on material strength. Automation is standard with Garage Doors in Africa and the range is similar to the Colorbond range we have available in Australia. While the focus on custom garage doors isn’t as big as other countries, the aluminium door is becoming more popular over time.

#2 Sweden

Garage Doors in SwedenSingle doors are more common in Sweden. And as standard the doors can be draughty, seals are insulated – a necessary move – considering the weather. All doors manufactured in Sweden must conform to strict safety regulations and doors are usually automated. The garage spaces typically available are single, with a curved opening at the top. Consequently, the doors are designed for optimal space usage. Again, the design also relies heavily on security features. Many are fit with additional steel struts to strengthen the door and prevent break-ins.

#3 Brazil

Garage Doors from around the worldIn Brazil, the garage doors are as decorated as the Mardi Gras celebrations. With wood being the preferred option, the designs can be quite extravagant with lots of intricate details. The doors are not usually solid and are slatted in numerous designs, with fittings details to accentuate the selected design. Not all are automated, as many are on wheels or open like a gate. The more contemporary designs incorporate steel and wood and have designs intertwining both materials.

 #4 Alaska

Garage Doors in AlaskaIn Alaska, USA, garage doors are mostly made from wood and are a little like what you’d expect to find in a log cabin. The sectional garage doors  not made from wood are also mainly insulated with powder coated tracks and hinges, adding an extra barrier to the weather experienced in Alaska. Tilt and swing doors are very common in Alaska.

#5 Egypt

Garage Door in EgyptIn Egypt, standard aluminium garage doors are popular, as they are the world over. However, Egyptians also have a vast range of fibreglass, wooden and vinyl garage doors. The main selling point is focused on additional security for the homeowner, and while a standard commodity in lots of towns, they are more popular in affluent areas or towns/suburbs. Automation isn’t always a standard feature with garage doors in Egypt but it’s commonly offered with new installations.

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