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Security Roller Shutters: The Secret Weapon for Perth Businesses

Security Roller Shutters: The Secret Weapon for Perth Businesses

Guardian Doors Security shutters

Made strong – with security and protection in mind

If your business (or home) needs serious security, extruded roller shutters could be your secret weapon for protecting doors or windows. Whether it’s a restaurant, pub, shopping mall entrance, warehouse, showroom or shop, these shutters are made STRONG – with security in mind – offering far more protection than your standard foam-filled roller shutters. They can even be fitted on your home garage door.

If safety is important, extruded roller shutters are an excellent option. Here’s why:

  • Made from strong 36 mm aluminium slats and double wall commercial grade design
  • High-quality powder coat finish, available in a range of colours to suit your theme and for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Double-lined or smooth design
  • Heavy-duty steel axle
  • Can be automatic or manually operated
  • Made in Australia

Control Options

There are a number of remote control options available when selecting your shutters.

Manual operations – choose from:

  • Manual steel winder – can be installed with a hidden winder feature for additional security
  • Spring loaded with a central key

Automatic operations– choose from:

  • Remote control – with solar smart motor
  • Power smart – operated by fixed-point push-button control
  • Remote operated –  so you can distribute remotes to staff members when used for your business, or keep on your keys when using for your garage
  • Key switch – operated to a fixed location

How are extruded shutters different from your standard roller door?

When we’re looking at new products, it helps to know how they compare. Your standard Aussie home roller door is one continuous sheet of metal that rolls up around itself at the top, when open. Roller shutters are different from roller doors as they are made up of different slats. These slats can be modified in many ways – there are different forms, sizes, depths, ventilation, etc.

On residential windows, you’ll often see foam-filled shutters — these act as a shield in front of your window, offering insulation and some security. However, extruded shutters are made of thick aluminium. They don’t have insulation, but each slat is stronger, providing greater strength as a whole.

Choosing security shutters for business


Guardian Doors Security ShuttersThe automation option you choose will depend on your business set up, the number of staff, who is accessing the roller shutters, and more. The experts at Guardian Doors can help you determine the right automation for your needs when we complete a free quotation and assessment.


Want to show off your products in a display window while maintaining high-security levels?

Perforation is an excellent option worth exploring. Perforated roller shutters can be made with perforated holes, approx  1.5mm in diameter, throughout each individual slat. The perforated slats can run throughout the whole shutter, or you can section parts of to allow vision at certain points only.

Extruded roller shutters allow you the freedom to choose what to showcase and what to conceal when you’re away from your business.

Want 100% block out, totally covering your windows and doors?

Solid 36 mm slats will give you complete privacy and protection for your business.


Choosing security shutters for your home


Home Garage Security Shutters

Usually, an automatic operation is best suited to your home. This is due to more frequent usage the time of day you need to access the garage (if your home is energy-smart you may want to explore the solar-smart automation, or set up wall switches internally so that you can open the shutters from an internal point within your home).

Solid, perforated – or both?  You can sass up your home’s street appeal in many ways with an extruded roller shutter.  And when installed on windows, ask yourself if you prefer to have the breeze flowing through. If so, you may consider full or part perforation. If privacy is your concern, then a solid shutter would be worth considering.

When it comes to garages, you can have perforated slats inserted into certain parts of your garage roller shutter, allowing ventilation to run through your garage, or opt for total privacy with a solid shutter.

Extruded roller shutters are also ideal for garages with low headroom. They need far less headroom than any sectional or roller door and can be fitted internally or externally. The side guides are also wind locked so you need less side room for any overlap like you would with a garage door or roller door.

If you’re looking for a consistent theme throughout your home, the extruded roller shutter can also be installed covering your windows and doors for that extra touch of street appeal.

Want to see samples?

Guardian Doors showroom has a range of shutters that can be viewed, where you can touch, feel and even see the roller shutters in operation. We also have an extensive list of Perth homes that can be viewed from our previous installations.

Call Guardian Doors in Perth today on 9408 1602 to organise your free quote!