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Roller Shutters Perth (For Safety & Security)

Shield your family from harm. Enjoy the security, style & privacy that Guardian roller shutters provide.

Sleek and smart with a diverse range of uses, roller shutters are perfect for your home, and can be designed for either doors or windows, providing ultimate peace of mind. You can even choose custom cyclone or fireproof roller shutters.


  • Security from theft or burglary
  • Temperature control – warmer in winter, cooler in summer
  • Protection from sun exposure for furniture & carpets
  • Noise reduction – enjoy your weekend sleep-ins without being woken by noise
  • Privacy
  • Easy lock-and-leave living for frequent travellers

Payment Plans to Suit You

Don’t let a lack of immediate funds prevent you from getting a new garage door – or fixing the old one.

Roller shutter styles

  • Easyview
  • Window Shutters
  • 77 mm wide span garage shutter
  • Extruded shutter
  • Perforated extruded shutter
Cream or sand coloured residential-roller shutters

Roller Shutter Maintenance

Roller shutters require regular maintenance and servicing to enjoy the maximum lifespan. Guardian Doors can provide a customised and cost-effective maintenance option for you. We’ll also advise you how to care for your rolling shutter or door so you can save your hard-earned cash on unnecessary repairs and call-out fees.


Do roller shutters block out heat?

Roller shutter can control the airflow you require in your home. They can be opened allowing the Fremantle doctor to breeze through or kept closed to make the most of your home’s heat in the winter.

Are roller shutters good for noise reduction?

Roller shutters drastically reduce noise levels in your home. They do not completely eradicate it, but can make noisy neighbours bearable! To make the most of noise reduction, choose insulated shutters that are installed properly, then sit back enjoying the peace and quiet.

Are roller shutters insulated?

Most types of residential shutters are insulated and provide the benefits insulation serves – they stop the heat leaving your home, keep the heat in your home (by 90%!) and stop the cold by up to 70%! And, they help with reducing the ever-increasing energy bills..

Do roller shutters increase the value of my home?

Yes. Roller shutters are one of the best upgrades for your home. Window shutters and garage doors boast an ROI of around 80%. Roller shutters Tick a lot of boxes, especially for those who value security and privacy.

What do roller shutters do?

Roller shutters provide increased security, insulation and privacy. And, while not in the product description –  they promise a weekend sleep in when installed on the children’s rooms. Roller shutters are a win-win for the family and your home!