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Merlin SilentDrive Essential MR655MYQ

$580.00 inc. GST

Merlin’s silent Drive Essential roller door operator is suitable for a wide range of roller doors and comes with a fantastic extended warranty

Additional Information
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 320 × 42 × 25 cm


The NEW SilentDrive Essential is myQ compatible, with bright LED lighting, quiet operation and includes 2 x premium handheld remotes.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SECURITY+ 2.0® sends a new code with every remote click.

PREMIUM AUTOMATIC SAFETY REVERSE function will allow your garage door to stop and reverse automatically if obstructed going down or stop going up.

TIMER-TO-CLOSE automatically closes the door after a pre-set amount of time.

IMPROVED TRANSMITTER RANGE has up to 18% better range meaning you can start opening your garage door sooner.

AUTOMATIC FORCE SENSING monitors and adjusts the force needed to open your garage with each operation

MANUAL RELEASE CORD allows you to open your garage door whenever needed

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


  • 24 DC motor with thermal overload protection
  • Input voltage: 240V AC
  • Rated door area up to 16.5m2
  • Drum rotations: 4.5
  • Max Door weight: up to 100kg
  • Max peak pulling force: 500N
  • Minimum side room 45mm
  • 433.30, 434.54, 433.92 MHz AM radio with Security+2.0 encrypted rolling code technology
  • Up to 64 memory registers
  • Courtesy light: LED
  • Noise rating: 1M 57DB

Door Specs

  • Maximum lifting under spring tension = 20kg
  • Suitable for steel spring balanced doors

Door Opening and Closing Times

  • Door opening time: 13 seconds
  • Door closing time: 13 seconds
  • Based on a 2.4m high door

Door Height

  • Door height: 4.5m, 3.0m
  • Door width: 3.6m, 5.4m
  • Single dwelling
Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Premium Automatic Safety Reverse

  • With its automatic safety function, your garage door will stop and reverse automatically if obstructed going down or stop going up.

Automatic Force Sensing

  • Equipped with automatic force sensing, with each operation the garage door opener monitors and adjusts the force needed to open your garage door.

Manual Release

  • In case of a power failure, you can simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.
Warranty Information

Warranty Information

5-year manufacturers warranty in accordance to installation terms and conditions.

Returns & Refunds

Returns & Refunds

Refunds & returns available for any faulty goods. Returns and refunds not available for change of mind or if the product is found be used or damaged after registered delivery.

Delivery Time

Delivery Time

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