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New Garage Doors – Perth Price List 2021

What’s the cost of a new garage door installation in Perth?

We’ve simplified the process of costing your garage door in 2021…

The cost of installation comes down to sizing, style and the type of motor and accessories you choose. But first, we’ll give you a written quote for an exact costing.

STEP #1: Garage Door Size

Let’s check out the size you need. The larger the door size, the larger the price.

Single garage doors usually house just one vehicle; double garage doors house two. Standard door sizes are as follows:

Single Door Sizes

Cream garage doors

Single door: 2.1 m x 2.5 m wide
(can be up to 2200 h x 3000 w)

Double Door Sizes

Timber-look double garage door

Double door: 2.1 m x 5 m wide
(can be up to 2450 h x 5400 w)

STEP #2: Garage Door Style

Sectional Garage Door Prices

Blue Sectional Garage Door in Perth Home

Steel-Line Monument Colorbond sectional door in fineline

Single Sectional Doors:
$1,350.00 – $2,300.00

Double Sectional Garage Doors:
$1,750.00 – $3,800.00

See further down the page for more examples.

Custom Garage Door Prices

Champagne Composite panel garage door

Steel-Line sectional garage door

Custom sectional garage doors can give an enormous injection of style to your home, either accentuating features or tastefully blending with your colour scheme, while adding masses of curb appeal.

Custom doors have panels and parts that can be easily interchanged to give that ‘wow factor’. Custom doors range in price, starting from $3,000.00.

Garage Roller Door Prices

Single Garage Roller Door:
from $900.00 – $1,450.00

Double Garage Roller Door:
from $1,300.00 – $3,600.00

See further down the page for more examples.

Wondering how long the process takes?

Our estimated time frame is 7-14 working days from receipt of order for most single and double garage doors. Often, it takes less time. Let our friendly team know if your order is urgent; we’ll do our best to speed things up.

What’s included in a garage door installation?

The door and all necessary hardware

12 months’ installation warranty

Same-day warranty service resolve

24-hour technical support

All installation and removal of any existing door

Garage Door Styles (We’ve a massive range!)

Guardian Doors install a variety of brands, including Steel-Line, B&D, Gliderol and Quokka. Here are some of the common garage door styles available.

See more Steel-Line garage doors here and B&D doors here. >

Steel Line panel lift garage door

Panel-Lift Garage Doors (Sectional Garage Doors)

Sectional doors are exceedingly popular. The come in a huge range of options and can be beautifully customised to suit your home’s exteriors. Read more >

mid-brown Timber-look garage door

Timber-look Doors

Timber-look doors have the cosmetic look and appeal of real timber but with the strength and durability of steel.

B&D Roller Doors add value to your home

Roller Doors

Exceedingly popular in Australia, roller doors are cost-friendly, and can be powder-coated in an array of Colorbond colours to smarten any exterior.

Tilt door garage door

Tilt Doors

Tilt doors have their pros and cons, but on certain occasions can be an ideal choice. Contact us for more details.

white aluminium-louvre-garage-door

Aluminium Louvre Doors & Batten

A highly attractive & popular WA option, these doors are suitable when maximal airflow and natural light are required. Read more >


Inspirations Doors

Get inspired with over 100 different designs, and mix-n-match materials for a contemporary, customised look to your home’s façade. Read more >

NB: Most Perth homeowners choose to have a motorised garage door accessed by remote control. However, if every dollar matters, you could save approximately $300 by having a manually operated garage door.

Payment Plans to Suit You

Don’t let a lack of immediate funds prevent you from getting a new garage door – or fixing the old one.

STEP #3: Accessories

Upgrades & options (Remotes, motors, safety beams)

We can provide many upgrades and additional options, such as:

  • Additional remote controls
  • Keypad entry systems
  • Wifi Enables operators
  • Belt or Chaindrive motors
  • Smooth finish for an extra glossy appearance
  • Photo safety beams – ensuring your garage is safe and secure at ALL times. Guardian Doors highly recommends this upgrade option

About remote controls

Today you can choose from a wide variety of remote controls with excellent options.

  • Car visor remote controls
  • Keypad entry
  • Smart entry * smart phone and Google enabled
  • Linked to an auto gate

Whatever your situation, the Guardian Doors team at can help you select the most convenient type of command system for your garage and lifestyle.

Learn more about the varieties of remote controls here > 

Popular garage door accessories


Great for those with kids, the entry keypad allows you to enter the grass without a transmitter. No need to give your kids a key – all they need is the PIN.


Another popular option for those with kids or pets, safety beams give you much-needed safety and security. If the beam detects motion while the doors closing, it will automatically stop and reverse. This safety feature is always recommended by B&D for all families choosing automatic garage doors.


Nothing is worse than being locked out of your garaged because your battery has failed. With rechargeable battery backup, if your power supply but is broken, your rechargeable battery backup will ensure that the door will still be operational.

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