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How To Organise A Successful Garage Sale In 2021

How To Organise A Successful Garage Sale In 2021

Garage Sale

Garage sales are a fun way to get into the community spirit, clean out your closets  – and make some extra cash!

When it comes to quick weekend thrills in your neighbourhood, nothing can beat grabbing a coffee and having a hunt around your local suburb for bargains! You never know what you might find – or who you might meet. And after a year of Covid, there’s nothing like getting social in your local community. So why not organise a garage sale of your own? Besides, what’s not to love about scoring extra cash for unwanted items?

To ensure your garage sale is a fun and huge success – and not a fizzer – it’s essential you get details right. Of course, you must make sure your home garage has been given a thorough clean-out before the big day. But here are some extra, less obvious tips to ensure your littl e (and hopefully profitable) project goes to plan.

Preparing for your garage sale

  • A little preparation always goes a long way. Your items are far more likely to appeal to a buyer if you present them well. Giving a few minutes of love to each item to this can reap huge rewards on the day.
  • Ensure you have adequate and visible signage
  • Display your items on tables where possible, organising them into appropriate sections.
  • Always hang clothing. This helps with the presentation ten-fold and keeps the area tidy as buyers can put the item back after a quick inspection rather than leave a heap at the end of the day.
  • If you have small objects, find a container or basket to house them.
  • Display pricing with stickers; these can be small stickers bought from Big W, Kmart, or Officeworks. They are inexpensive and save the mental drain of trying to remember prices on the spot.
  • Take some pictures and advertise online. Advertising helps recruit serious buyers and is especially useful if you have furniture to sell.
  • Have some spare change and cash on hand. While most people can do a direct transfer from a smartphone, cash is still king and ensuring you have change is vital for a successful garage sale.

collectors booksGroup items

  • Group items together – pair less exciting sale items (e.g. plates or cutlery) with tableware or even furniture. It creates value for the buyer and frees up your garage space!
  • Bundle small toys together to get rid of items you feel you might not lose. Alternatively, marking these at a ridiculously low price can be attractive to a child with extra pocket money. Plus, it may give the parents a valuable five spare minutes to browse your treasures!

Keep your home safe

  • Always make sure if any internal doors (connecting to your home) are locked.
  • Ensure you have support on the day (friend, family/neighbour) to help with the set up and pack up and for personal safety.
  • Always make sure someone keeps a watch during the garage sale to safeguard your belongings and the stuff you’re selling.
  • Idea: join forces with friends; each has your table of items for sale. This way, your workload is shared, security is increased, and the day becomes far more social!
  • Create a fun atmosphere – it can be awkward for sellers and buyers when there is nothing in the air but silence. This can cause a buyer to leave sooner or a seller to appear pushy – pop some music on, create a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the day.

Teddy bear at garage saleLeftover  items

If you still have leftover garage sale  items at the end of the day, don’t despair. If you haven’t already photographed them, do so!

Then, list them on Gumtree or Facebook marketplace, and most likely, you’ll soon have more cash-giving buyers at your door.