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How to make your house & garage an eco-friendly haven in 2019

How to make your house & garage an eco-friendly haven in 2019

Biowood garage Doors

We all know that being eco-friendly has benefits abound – not just for ourselves, but for the environment – and our kids. So if you’re building, renovating or simply giving your home a quick makeover, here’s how to keep your family home energy-efficient in 2019.

Eco-friendly garage doors

Yes, eco-friendly garage doors are a thing. Biowood® garage doors retain a natural timber look, are low maintenance and meet the standard for fire safety under BAL-29 conditions.  They are stylish, yet homely, and have a vast range of functional advantages.

Biowood enviro-friendly garage doorThe Biowood® wood composite products are created using 0.85 density natural cellulose fibre from plantation-harvested timber combined with a specially formulated resin. This product retains the natural look and feel of wood, but is also lightweight – and provides a high degree of water resistance. Biowood® does not bleach, split or crack, and is suitable for both bushfire regions (up to BAL-29 rating) and marine applications.

Biowood garage doors are termite resistant, low-maintenance and are ‘green certified’ by Global GreenTag. A perfect addition to your eco-friendly home!

Environmentally friendly Biowood garage doors offer the following benefits:

• The authentic look and feel of timber
• Lightweight composition
• Designed to withstand Australian weather – no splinters, cracks, warping, cupping or rot
• Durability – resistant to water, mould, mildew, and termites
• Bushfire resistant (conforms up to BAL-29 as per AS 3959:2009 Appendix F)
• Time-tested suitability for marine, intertidal and salt spray environments
• UV stable under normal environmental conditions, even in full sun, when coated with Biowood® water-based coating
• Easy and concealed installation
• Virtually maintenance free – depending on north orientation, coating will last three times longer than normal UV coating
• Environmentally friendly – sustainable timber alternative that’s fully recyclable
• Can be re-sanded and resealed
• Option to stain in a variety of colours
• Trusted brand by Global Green Tag

Insulated Garage Doors

To achieve a better energy efficiency rating for your home, you can’t beat an insulated garage door. Although often overlooked, most of the time, your garage door is the first barrier between your home and the great outdoors. As with roller shutters, an insulated garage door will help keep your garage cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing your energy bills.

insulated garage doors

Not quite ready for a new garage door?

Upgrade your existing door, instead. You can upgrade and insulate your existing garage door by adding a ThermaDoor insulation system which will make your garage more comfortable all year. Plus, it’s an extremely cost-effective option. With just one small tweak to your Garage Door, you’ll enjoy one giant leap in your energy bill reduction.

Eco-friendly double-glazed windows

Double glazed windows are a perfect energy-efficient choice with the added benefit of minimising noise. The sealed air gap between the two panes acts as an added layer of insulation. This invisible layer keeps your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Eco-friendly insulated shutters

Eco-friendly window shutters keep getting even more popular. A brilliant barrier between the home and the elements, they also offer additional security protection – and act as a fire resistant barrier (if fire-rated shutters are chosen). On a hot summer’s day in Perth, a small blast of the air-con with the window shutters down will ensure that your home keeps a cool interior. In winter, keep the wood burner heating inside with your window shutters down will prevent the heat escaping. And best of all, that provide excellent security for your home and family.

Be Waterwise

WaterwiseWater-saving sprinkler rosters were introduced in Perth in 2001 as a way to curb our water use. And by 2007, they were made permanent across Western Australia. Make sure you adhere to your roster days only and never water your plants unnecessarily. Your watering data determined by the climatic conditions in the region you live in and whether you use scheme or bore water.

A permanent winter sprinkler ban applies to scheme and bore water uses in Perth, Mandurah and in some parts of the Southwest from June to August every year. As a result, about 4.5 billion L of water are saved annually.

Perth water Corp has some excellent water-wise tips:

  • Install a water efficient shower head -Most households use an average of 22% of their water through showering, so it is worth checking that your showerhead is water efficient. (Check the start of the label; the more stars, the more efficient)
  • Take shorter showers – Make a conscious effort of spending less time in the shower watching water run down the drain.
  • Water your garden just once on your roster day – Do the right thing by the community and stick to your allotted roster day. And, choose water-wise plants that won’t demand excessive water use.
  • Fix any leaking toilets – A leaking toilet or tap is a sure way to waste up to 9000 L of water per year. Get a local plumber to fix the leak and don’t let any more unnecessary water down the drain.
  • Install a rainwater tank – Installing a rainwater tank is a great way to save and store rainwater youth on your garden during drier weather. A small tank (up to 2000 L) can be plumbed into your toilet and washing machine, saving over 20,000 L of water a year. To see the range of rainwater tanks available for your home, take a look at the Water Corporation.

Water-efficient appliances & fixtures

Incorporate as many water efficient appliances and fixtures as you can to save money – and keep our reserves at a sustainable level. When it’s time to replace household items, look for water-wise washing machines, dishwashers, showers, taps and toilets. Look for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme labels to see how many stars your prospective appliances have.

Go eco; increase your property value

First-time home buyers have been raised in an environmentally conscious generation, and are increasingly appreciating the benefits of having an eco-friendly home. Eco-friendly also translates to lower day-to-day living costs and bills, as well as helping to build a sustainable future. Consequently, ‘green homes’ are becoming far more popular in the housing market and could be the difference between your house or the one next door selling at sale time.

Green homes are now highly sought after and can attract a much higher property value than their non-green counterparts. Investing in an eco-friendly home now means you’ll be one step ahead for the future.

Call Guardian Doors in Perth today on 9408 1602 to discuss how we can help you on your  eco-friendly evolution.