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Garage & Roller Door Servicing FAQs

Garage Door Servicing

With over 65 years’ experience in garage door and roller door servicing and repairs, we’re proud to boast the best garage door service in Perth. With Guardian Doors, you won’t be left waiting; we attend to all appointments within 24 hours!

Why do I need my door serviced?

Your door has many parts that need to be maintained: all the pieces that are used to keep it functioning daily, (hinges/brackets/tracks etc.) parts that keep the door working (torsion springs, chains, motor and cables) and parts that keep the door working safely.

The most important part of any garage door is the torsion springs. These springs are the muscle that lifts the door when you press your remote. Over time (usually from 9-12 months from installation), the torsion springs loose tension and become weaker, causing the door to become heavy and unsafe.

A heavy door can be an expensive door – don’t let it get to the point where it costs you dollars. Call Guardian Doors so we can look after your door and your safety.

What do you do at a service?

A Guardian Doors service consist of the following:

  • Hinges, brackets and fixings checking (replacing or adjusting if required)
  • Torsion spring tensioning – if required
  • Chain or belt adjustment
  • Remote and logic board check
  • Gear drive check – wear and tear are visible – we can pre-warn you of possible issues that may arise
  • Safety sensors checking
  • Travel limits checking – if not set right, they can run your gear drive down costing you money

We’ll teach you how to look after your door – the technician will finish the service with a demonstration – a service not provided anywhere else.

How long does a service take?

A service usually takes around 30 minutes. However, if your door has not been serviced for a while, it may take slightly longer.

Do you have any loyalty programs for servicing?

Yes, all our customers are rewarded with a 10% lifetime discount. As our service is the best in WA, we’re sure you will use us for all your door servicing and repairs, so we reward you with 10% on ANY works or parts and products from Guardian Doors.

Do you price match?

No. Here’s why.

If a price is negotiable, why were you not told about that before you looked elsewhere? The same company that is willing to price match on one hand would also be willing to charge you the extra had you not asked.

The price we give you is the best price we can offer. We’re not willing to charge you any more, leaving no room for price matching.

What if there are additional costs?

Guardian Doors technicians will not commence work on your door service or repair until all costs associated have been discussed – leaving no nasty surprises.

What sort of garage doors do you service?

We service and repair sectional garage doors, roller doors, roller shutters, bi-fold doors, automatic gates and carry all stock needed to complete the service or repair there and then for your convenience.

What can I do?

There are many things you can do to help in keeping your roller door in a safe and working condition, such as spraying/lubricating the torsion springs (this keeps Them pliable and less likely to snap, which can be extremely dangerous, costly and inconvenient.

Try not to put too much grease/lubricant on the actual drive chain – this can clog up the gear drive and put unnecessary strain on the motor.

Do not alter the limits or sensors – this causes your motor confusion as the door should have been set to the safe limits in accordance to your springs and travel to the exact point it has been programmed to.

Service Check – this is the most useful test you can complete on your garage door:

Put your door into manual mode, lift the door to the halfway point, and then see if it holds itself open.

If the door holds itself open, that’s fine. Repeat the test on a monthly basis.

If the door drops, call the team at Guardian Doors.

N.B.: A heavy door puts undue strain on the motor and causes unnecessary, expensive repairs.

How do I book?

Call our office, and talk to our friendly admin team, who have many years’ experience with garage and roller door service and repairs. They’ll be happy to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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