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Garage Fitness: Get Fewer Bugs This Winter!

Garage Fitness: Get Fewer Bugs This Winter!

Garage Yoga

Working out at home in your garage, away from crowded spaces, could help decrease the chances of picking up colds, flu and coronavirus this winter.

Let’s be clear: If you love going to the gym, even with the advent of coronavirus, at the time of writing, there’s still nothing stopping you from visiting your gym, and according to experts, these places are no more dangerous than other crowded places. So if the gym is your thing, it gives you plenty of mental and physical benefits, and you practice good hygiene while you’re there, go right ahead.

Yoga ShedThe likelihood of you picking up colds, flu’s and coronavirus at your yoga studio or gym only start to occur if you do certain things. For example, standing too close to others (as coronavirus and other diseases may pass this way), and sharing gym equipment or yoga mats are not recommended as it appears that the COVID-19 and other viruses can stay on surfaces for days at a time.

According to Dr Paul Sax, medical director of the division of infectious diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “The gym is not a place that’s necessarily riskier than other communal areas,” Sax says. “I wouldn’t say there’s anything particular about people sweating that makes them more contagious.”

But if you’re nervous about catching bugs at your local studio as you often in close proximity to others or always share equipment, maybe it’s time to think about working out from home in your garage. After all, you could turn this experience around into something positive.

You don’t have to work out in your garage on your own. You could invite a couple of (fever-free) friends over, they could pay a cheap entrance fee to help cover costs and you can have yourself a fun activity that’s socially interactive, healthy and gives you a few dollars. And – there will be far fewer germs.

Fitness Room in Garage

Garage prep 101:

  • Clear out the garage: OK, so it may not be your dream weekend, but think of the benefits ahead! If you’re clearing your garage, why not hold a garage sale and make some extra dosh from your unwanted items?
  • Optimise space: Once you’ve de-cluttered and removed any unwanted items, try and arrange your garage to optimise space. Make use of storage boxes and cupboards where you can store your things.
  • Freshen up (the room): Why not give your garage a coat of paint? A fresh coat of paint can give that fresh feel to any room or space. I f you’re not painting the walls, maybe give them a wash with some warm, soapy water.
  • Get any fitness equipment you may need – for yoga, you need a place to store your mat, ropes, accessories and somewhere to pop your drink bottle.
  • Technology: There are loads of fitness apps and free videos available, so having some sort of speakers or even a Smart TV in your garage would definitely help; if not, you can take your phone or laptop into your garage and just plug it into a set of speakers.
  • Lighting: Make sure you have your lighting set up – you can install additional lights if needed, or you can set your garage door motor light to stay on (this is a feature available on specific models of garage door motors)
  • Ventilate: Make sure you have adequate ventilation in summer and heating in the winter. A small, portable heater should provide sufficient warmth in the winter months, and if you don’t have windows, consider a fan or set your door opener, so it opens the garage door on a pet setting. (This way, only a small portion at the bottom of the door is open)

With the above in place, you should be able to enjoy working out any time of the year in your garage. And, you’ll increase the chance of this year being your first without catching any bugs. Possibly! Just remember to ensure your garage door is serviced and safety checked on a regular basis so that nothing can get in the way of your wellness goals.

Contact Guardian Doors today to have your garage door service scheduled before you start using your private yoga/workout room!