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Garage Door Torsion Springs

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Garage Door Torsion springs

What You Need to Know…

Garage door torsion springs store energy by twisting and tightening, then releasing and loosening. Torsion springs can store an immense amount of energy due to the material used; however, they still require a lot of TLC.

Every type of garage door has torsion springs, regardless of its make or model.

  • On sectional doors, they run across the top and can be seen when standing inside the garage looking at your door.
  • On roller doors, the springs are in a similar position; however, as the door rolls up and around, the springs are hidden.
  • On a tilt door, the springs are located on each side and work in tandem with the tilt arms.

Regardless of the position, torsion springs all operate on the same theory, using the energy created by the tightening and loosening to power through the heavy job of opening and closing your garage door.

How long do garage door springs last?

If your garage door and torsion springs have been well-serviced since installation, you may get around 15,000 to 20,000 cycles out of your springs (which is easier to clock up than you think). If you use your door once a day, coming and going, that’s 730 cycles a year. And most homes use the garage door multiple times a day. Depending on your home’s location, the springs can also rust – especially in coastal areas – becoming dry and more prone to snapping. For this reason, we recommend spraying the springs with white grease to keep them pliable.

Can door torsion springs be dangerous?

Garage door torsion springs can be extremely dangerous to work on. And, they can also be dangerous when they don’t work. Your springs are taking the weight of the door, so if they snap suddenly, your heavy garage door can fall to the ground, come out of its tracks, cause damage to your property or cause serious injury or even death.

When applying tension to the garage door springs, do not compromise on safety. It’s essential you employ a professional garage door technician to do the job. Guardian Doors’ garage door technicians handle springs with the care and precision required while adhering to necessary protective measures.

Are there different types of torsion springs?

Garage door springs come in a range of sizes and strengths. Sometimes, they are colour-coded (identifying the strength) or marked. When this isn’t possible, we measure the gauge and length of the springs when under tension. When Guardian Doors repairs your snapped springs, we consider everything that may affect the longevity and suitability of your springs, from the door type, door material, wind braces and internal struts – to the size of your door. All these factors determine the correct spring to install on your door. Incorrect springs can be extremely costly; continued use can cause unnecessary repairs, and be a safety hazard for everyone nearby.

How are garage door torsion springs replaced?

When Guardian Doors repairs your snapped springs, we disconnect the motor pulley in the bearing plates. Then, we remove the torsion pole and the tension springs so they can be replaced with new, lubricated torsion springs. After reinstallation of the torsion pole and applying the correct amount of tension, we re-engage the motor. Finally, we complete a full service on the garage door and motor, and check all remote control devices.

Once we’re 100% happy, we place a service sticker on your door and complete our door demonstration. This demonstration helps you to identify issues early on, and goes through:

  • manual releasing – in case you have a power cut
  • how to test balance
  • any questions the customer may have

How many garage door springs do I need?

Every garage door is different; the most common garage door springs set-up has two springs (most double doors). A single door can have only one, while a large door or timber door can have three or four torsion springs. It’s important to note that as snapped garaged or spring can occur when the springs are very weak and in poor condition. Therefore, it’s necessary to replace all springs as each one has performed the same amount of work. Having a mixture of weak and strong springs will affect your garage door balance and integrity, with compromising results. Although some companies will replace only one spring (as a penny-pinching option) this is a false economy as it will, at some point, lead to further damage, more expensive repairs or worse, compromise you and your family’s safety.

Guardian Doors provide a wide range of garage door torsion springs and professional advice 24 /7 for any garage door spring repairs or concerns.

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