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Guardian Doors’ Garage Door Service Demonstration

Guardian Doors’ Garage Door Service Demonstration

Guardian Doors Garage Door Service

Here’s why a professional garage door service is so imperative for a safe, fully functioning door…

A well-serviced garage door operates smoothly and quietly, without any hiccups. And, you can enjoy feeling safe and secure knowing that all security checks are completed. Left without servicing, however, or if we suffer our power outage or accident, and you may need to operate your door manually. This is why our service demo is so important.

At Guardian Doors, we cover everything your door needs, so when we service, repair or install your garage door, we also ensure you understand why we maintain them, what the dangers are and what the warning signs of a garage door that may require further repair will be.

This is where our garage or roller door demonstration is priceless. Guardian Doors offer the following as  standard  when we service or repair your garage door:

How to test your door in manual

How to inspect your cables for signs of wear and tear

Check your garage door spring condition

Important security features on your door

How to safely deal with an urgent garage door repair

Taking the time to show you the above not only sets us apart from other Perth garage door companies but validates the fact that each Guardian Doors customer is valued – and that we want to continue to help you and your garage door for years to come.

We can explain most processes over the phone to you, but there’s nothing like a hands-on demonstration to ensure you fully understand your garage door and how it works. Garage doors can present dangerous conditions when not working correctly, and providing you know how to deal with these issues will help not only solve your immediate problem, it will make sure you can maintain the security of your home and your family.

Payment Plans: spread the cost of your service

Guardian Doors also offer individual payment plans. Guardian Doors’ payment plans enable our customers to spread the cost of servicing your garage door with interest-free payments for up to 10 months. This makes garage and roller door servicing less than a coffee a week (or half a coffee here in Perth!)

Don’t be in the dark when the next power outage hits, contact Guardian Doors today to discuss your requirements and take full advantage of Perth’s exclusive Garage Door Demonstration.

Guardian Doors team - North of river PerthLet our Guardian Doors family look after yours…

We know everything there is to know about garage doors, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of having perfectly functioning doors.

To book your service anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area, contact Guardian Doors now, or call us on 9408 1602.