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Garage Door Motors: Which One Do I Need?

Garage Door Motors: Which One Do I Need?

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For modern, high-performance options in roller door and garage door openers, take a look at Merlin…

There are loads of roller door and garage door openers on the market, and whey you consider how important they are for a perfectly functioning door, it makes sense that people are always asking us for advice. Seems like you all want to know:

  • Which garage door motors offer what?
  • Is there a real difference?
  • Which brand of motor should I choose?
  • What motor do I need for my garage door?

To help clarify confusion and find out which opener is best for your door, we’ve found that Merlin’s range of garage door openers is a great way of offering a snap review of the specifications on offer. Merlin has a wide range of garage door motors for every type of garage door, from roller doors and sectional doors, to tilt doors – there’s an operator to suit everyone’s needs.

Merlin openers: Sectional garage doors

Garage Door Motor COMMANDER ULTIMATE MJ3800MYQCOMMANDER ULTIMATE MJ3800MYQ – This is a direct drive motor, so you do not need any additional space to be taken away from your garage ceiling. The Commander Ultimate is installed directly to the spring drive and gives your garage inner space a clean and minimalistic appearance.



Garage Door Motor COMMANDER EXTREME MS125MYQCOMMANDER EXTREME MS125MYQ – These operators are designed to endure the worst, and are capable of dealing with extreme weather conditions (ideal for coastal areas that are subject to high winds during Perth’s increasingly harsh winters). The Commander Extreme is myQ compatible, with heavy lifting power of 150 kg or 286 kg (with beams) plus new, powerful LED lighting.



COMMANDER EXTREME MS125MYQXCOMMANDER EXTREME MS125MYQX – similar to the MYQ version, however, tailored for those extra heavy doors and custom doors that require that bit more. Plus, new powerful LED lighting and battery backup.



Garage Dooir Opener WHISPERDRIVE m350 EVOWHISPERDRIVE/M350 EVO – This garage door opener is worth considering for those wanting to consider their carbon footprint; this operator is energy efficient, fast and quiet. This garage door opener features multi-frequency remote technology and comes with an integrated battery back up powered by overcharge and a keypad for your convenience.



Merlin opener POWERACE MT60EVOPOWERACE/MT60EVO –Merlin’s PowerAce is as quiet as a mouse. Suitable for smaller or single garage door and is an energy-efficient garage door opener. Don’t be fooled by its name; this garage door opener has the latest security and multi-frequency remote technology as its big brothers.



Merlin Garage Door opener TILTMASTERTILTMASTER – One of Perth’s favourite openers, versatile and suitable for a wide range of garage doors, both sectional and tilt doors. Featuring the well-know Merlin quiet and smooth operation with the latest remote technology, all packed into one. Additional accessories can be purchased and installed with the tiltmaster, including battery back up, extension poles (for the garage doors with the luxury of height) as well as photosensors and keypads.

Merlin openers:  roller doors

Merlin Roller Door Opener SILENT DRIVE MR850BBUSILENT DRIVE/MR850BBU – The ultimate roller garage door opener. Silent Drive BBU will ensure that you’re able to get in or out of your garage safely in the even when there’s a power failure. (Hello Perth?) Offers smooth and effective operation at all times for you and your family.


Merlin roller door opener QUIETDRIVE PROQUIETDRIVE PRO – This is the smaller brother of Merlin’s roller door motor options. It still offers all the same upgrades and accessories. This quiet and smooth operator is ideally suited to single roller doors or if you are thinking of upgrading your current roller door operator, an ideal motor to try.


SILENTDRIVE ELITE MYQ – The latest Merlin opener to power your garage door. At last, you can monitor and control your garage door opener away from home through the Merlin MYQ app via your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can receive alerts and notifications for complete peace of mind knowing you are in control away from home, pre-schedule times to close your garage door at any set time.


All Merlin motors offer the following benefits of MYQ, where stated, along with warranty as per standard T’s & C’s.

Merlin’s “INTEGRATED MYQ TECHNOLOGY” allows Perth homeowners to create schedules, monitor, receive alerts and control the garage door opener away from home. This is through the aid of built-in wifi, remote LED light that can be used even when your garage door is not operating and with Merlins smooth start and stop feature ensuring a quiet operation at all times.

Powerful, quiet and compliant to Australian & New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 60335-2-95), enjoy complete peace of mind with the market leading 7 Year Warranty and built-in premium safety reversal technology, to ensure protection of your family and possessions. Loaded with Merlin Security+2.0 encryption rolling code technology means perfect operation under all environmental conditions and from a greater distance than ever before.

There are many brands available when it comes to choosing the right garage door opener for your home, Merlin’s range has stood the test of time and offer an attractive 7-year warranty.

Not quite what you are looking for? Other garage door opener brands Guardian Doors offer are Guardian 21230L sectional door operators, BnD sectional and roller door motors, as well as ATA and a wide range of commercial and gate motors. Whatever your requirements the staff at Guardian Doors can help you find the perfect motor for your home.

Call Guardian Doors  9408 1602, or visit our Wangara showroom for expert advice & see what Merlin can offer you!