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Custom Garage Doors Versus Standard Doors: Top 10 Differences

Custom Garage Doors Versus Standard Doors: Top 10 Differences

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Wondering why you should choose a custom garage door over a standard door? In this article, we’ll tell you why — with 10 of the major differences. Once you are informed, it’s easy to see why a custom garage door is the ideal choice for your Perth home.

#1 Garage door security

When it comes to home security, the garage door can be one of the weakest links. Selecting a custom garage door adds additional security features that you wouldn’t usually get with a standard Colorbond garage door. Traditional doors have standard styles, tracks and hinges — and have been pre-formed and premade to fit. With a custom door, every aspect of your door has been handpicked for you, ensuring the fit and operation is more secure in every way. It’s not a case of ‘one-size-fits all’, and consequently, you get a more secure installation.


#2 Garage aesthetics

This feature is as plain as the nose on your face — or the stunning garage in your home. Custom garage doors give an elevated level of class to any house. The design and customisation ensure your garage door is what you want for your home — precisely. The results? A better quality aesthetic (and better-quality door) that can be noticed from afar.


#3 Garage door longevity

The lifespan of a custom garage door is twice as long as a standard Colorbond door. This is due to the materials we use in the customised process. So while your door may be more expensive, initially, in the long run, they’re a far better investment.


#4 Smoother operation

Guardian Doors installs custom garage doors that are made to measure. The tracks, guides — every aspect of your door has been customised, so it makes sense that you’d get a smoother door operation once installed.


#5 ROI

Garage doors can provide a significant ROI for your home’s valuation.  And adding a custom door can give you a huge advantage when it comes to the value of your property. The difference in products speaks volumes; if your garage door is of a high standard, it’s likely all fixtures in your home will be too. A  custom door will encourage buyer confidence and help you get the very best return on investment on not only your garage — but your house, too.


#6 Elevated Curb appeal

Let’s face it, while we can’t always ‘keep up with the Jones’, selecting a perfect fit for a part of your home that covers almost 30% of your home frontage can only be a good thing. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful house with elevated fixtures and fittings than having a garage door that diminishes that first impression. A custom door is a statement — a pearl in the presentation and elegance of your home.


#7 Inspired by your imagination and taste

When we say custom, we mean custom. Many manufacturers offer ‘custom garage doors’ that eliminate certain materials or colours and add a custom door badge. At Guardian Doors, your custom door is limited only by your imagination. Want a picture laser imprinted on your door? Need a selection of colours to complement your home? Prefer mixed profiles? Matching cladding or fencing? Not a problem. You are the creator in every single aspect of your custom garage door, and we are here to help bring your vision to life.


#8 Custom garage doors: it’s in the details

Door tracks and hinges are standard in their requirements for functionality. In fact, to the layperson, they wouldn’t look much different. At Guardian Doors, we use only the best hardware — from powder-coated tracks and hinges to handpicked hinges and fixings to ensure the door installation, presentation, and completion are perfect. Minor differences are surprisingly noticeable. For example, picture a Ferrari with no emblem on the bonnet. Not quite the same, no?


#9 Higher grade operators

Custom garage doors usually have a higher-grade operator, as the selected operator must be able to care for your door in between services. Customisations can easily add weight, plus we must ensure that all aspects of running the door are covered with every operation. No chances are taken, and only the best, most suitable operator will be installed with your custom garage door. This results in a higher-grade operator paired with a more extended warranty period.


#10 The material range is colossal

Our expert garage door team will carefully discuss which materials you’d like to use at the start of the process. Are you focused on the environment? What look would you like to achieve? Our service goes further than offering different styles of inserts and colours. You choose every single piece of material, which is then made from scratch.

From composite styles, laser imprints, matching requirements, colour sampling, powder coating options (for indoor and outdoor, plus tracks and hinges, etc.) to insulation, operation — the list goes on. Customisation options are endless.  At Guardian Doors, we listen to what you want and can present a custom garage door installation proposal that suits your needs completely.

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