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Commercial Security Roller Shutters: Invaluable Advice Before You Buy!

Commercial Security Roller Shutters: Invaluable Advice Before You Buy!

Commercial Roller Shutters

Thinking about new commercial roller shutters for the windows and doors of your commercial building? Roller shutters add fantastic street appeal to your building, strengthening your branding and providing excellent security and protection. And, there are some excellent options out there! But before you buy, think about the following, so you can reap the rewards of your clever investment for years to come.

Commercial roller shutters are made to suit a wide range of businesses from school government buildings and leisure centres, to workshops, retails shop fronts and display windows. And today, there are a stunning array of of commercial shutters to suit your business, whatever your needs.

Roller shutters are fitted in such a way that they will protect your interior. Consequently, your windows and doors will be kept free from vandalism and damage, keeping them in pristine condition.

Simply having roller shutters will also deter any potential burglaries or break-ins.

Security shutters are made of either insulated aluminium slats or reinforced aluminium or steel slats, ensuring no gaps or weak points for intruders, and providing a visual deterrent.

Thinking of having commercial roller shutters installed?

 Think about the following…

Where are my shutters made? Are they manufactured locally? Using a local manufacturer ensures that any problems or warranty issues will more than likely be resolved more quickly. And, you’ll have the additional benefit of investing in the local market and supporting local industry.

Shutters manufactured overseas may not be made to meet the same regulations as they are here in Australia. Ask yourself: are they UV rated? Bushfire Rated? Moreover, to what standards are they tested against?

Australian manufactured roller shutters are made with the Australian climate in mind and have high standards of testing and manufacturing regulations. Buying local means the best quality and local service to back it up, along with regular maintenance advice and technical support.

Should I install the shutters myself or use a professional?

Would you build your own house if you weren’t a builder? The answer is simple. If you want to achieve a professional result, you need to use professional, experienced tradespeople. IY security shutters can void your warranty if installed incorrectly and can fail you when you need them most. It is just not worth the risk. The many different types of roller shutters, grades and operational options (e.g., solar, manual, automatic, key or remote ) means its imperative you select a reputable commercial door installation company to help you.

What type of warranties are available?

It’s important to check the small print on any commercial roller shutter you purchase. Most Australian-made and installed roller shutters are covered under warranty for anything from 1-5 years. However, part of the warranty conditions (industry wide) requires regular maintenance of the shutters to maintain the full warranty period.

Check the installation company’s product and service warranty. Are they local, if you require assistance? Do they offer technical support if you or the occupants of the building need it?

Ensure you’ve considered why you require commercial shutters; this will help your service provider achieve the best possible result, taking into account your requirements – and suggesting the best product to accomplish this.

It’s also worth noting that by investing in commercial roller shutters, you’re not only protecting your assets, staff and business but also investing in your building. With an approximate 80% ROI on your investment, it’s one of the best business investment decisions you’ll make!