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Automatic Gates Perth

Enjoy luxury, security & peace of mind…

Your Perth home security is exceedingly important. Now, more than ever, it is essential to keep burglars, car thieves and vandals at bay. Plus, having an electric/automatic gate means that you donโ€™t have to worry about stray animals entering, pets escaping, young children wandering or pesky door-to-door salespeople encroaching your property.

An automatic gate is beautiful to look at and adds value to your Perth home while the comfort and convenience are second to none. By the push of a button (gate opener) your driveway gate can be opened or closed, without ever leaving your car. Ordinary gates are often left open as itโ€™s often too much trouble to make the effort to close them, particularly if they are large or heavy.

You may also benefit from a lower insurance rate if you have a secure automatic gate. Some insurers offer discounts for enhanced perimeter protection.

Payment Plans to Suit You

Donโ€™t let a lack of immediate funds prevent you from getting a new garage door โ€“ or fixing the old one.

Automatic Gate Repair Perth

We offer a lightning-fast response repair service. We can have an engineer on-site either the same day or the following, regardless of whether your gate was installed by us.

We find that most automatic gate faults can be fixed on-the-spot by our technicians. If your automatic gates requires new parts or more complex repair work, we have all the resources and know-how to ensure that your system returns to full function in the shortest possible time.

Automatic Gate Maintenance

We have Preventative Service Agreements available to all customers of our automatic gates. Service agreements ensure peace of mind, knowing that your system will be professionally and thoroughly maintained.

Annual servicing is recommended for most residential automatic gate systems. However, high-use commercial and industrial applications require more frequent visits. Having your gate system serviced by Guardian Doors also allows us to keep a record of your equipment and usage. Having this recorded knowledge allows us to source parts faster and find fault easier if you experience any issues.