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Automatic Doors Perth

Automatic Doors Perth

Guardian Doors offers Perth customers a variety of automatic doors in Perth that are designed to provide solutions that they need for their buildings and businesses. Buildings that have automatic doors are more convenient and cosmetically pleasing for customers and employees in Perth.

Sliding Automatic Doors

There are various types of automatic doors, but perhaps some of the most common one are traditional sliding doors. Traditional sliding doors are ones slide away to allow people to pass through them as they approach them. However, there are different types of sliding doors as well, including telescopic, curved, multi-functional, and swing doors. The type of sliding door that a business needs depends upon the space and design accommodations that is available.

Swing Automatic Doors

Swing doors are automatic doors that swing outwards or inwards and automatically upon a person approaching them. Their appearance is that of a regular commercial door, but open automatically so that people don’t have to worry about pushing them open.  This is a convenient style of door for disabled or assisted access and also businesses that don’t have the space for the glass sliding doors. Swing doors are also a great option to upgrade your existing door from manual to automatic.

Revolving Automatic Doors

Revolving doors are popular automatic doors among some types of businesses like hotels and other such establishments that want to make a notable impression on their clientele. They serve as the pivotal points of the establishments and are considered to be prestigious and elegant.

Folding Automatic Doors

Folding doors are the most ideal commercial doors solution for businesses that simply do not have enough space to accommodate any other type of automatic door options. Folding allow businesses to save space while still accommodating their customers and requirements.

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